Wellness and mindfulness for kids

My name is Nica and I’m a yoga teacher for kids and adults in Manila, Philippines. I created Amazing Me Yoga as a channel to share my love for yoga with kids here in the Philippines (and all around the world) through my art, poetry, and easy-to-follow yoga story sequences.

Kids yoga is a mindful, playful and creative practice that compliments a child’s overall well-being. My mission and hope is that through yoga, each child will realize that he or she has an:

Amazing Mind

A mind with the ability to keep calm and think big

Amazing Body

A body that can do things that are seemingly impossible

Amazing Heart

A heart that is patient, expansive and loving

Amazing Me is the FIRST Filipino-made yoga book for kids.


Easy-to-follow yoga book for kids

Amazing Me is the first Filipino-made yoga book for kids, written and illustrated by yours truly! It is based on the yoga sun salutation sequence done through richly illustrated images and poetry.

Kids can learn to transform their bodies into different elements found in nature like the sun, mountain, wave, tree, and sky. This book is a great way for kids (ages 2 and up) to learn about their amazing bodies and to start learning mindfulness by practicing yoga poses. This book is an awesome morning or end-of-day activity for parents and children to do as they read through and do the poses together or for teachers to practice wellness in the classroom.

Project of Urban Ashram Yoga
Published by Firetree Press

Amazing Me is available online!



Nica Hechanova de Erquiaga

My name is Nica Hechanova de Erquiaga, and I am a certified registered yoga teacher, graphic artist, and illustrator. I have more over 10 years of experience working with children as an arts and crafts teacher and storyteller, and now as a kids yoga teacher. I genuinely love being around children and listening to their stories. I have always been fascinated with how they see the world!

I currently teach vinyasa flow classes, yoga workshops, and kids yoga classes.

I took my 200-hour teacher training with James Brown (American Yoga School) and Align&Refine Yoga. I have also joined various workshops and trainings by some of the best internationally-recognized teachers, such as David Kim, Joan Hyman, Annie Carpenter, Alex Crow, Dr. Ray Long, Jason Crandell, and Carrie Owerko. I took my kids yoga teacher training with Rainbow Kids Yoga, under senior trainer Lei Sadakari.

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